Using Substance Abuse Clinics to Treat Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Makes Sense

Using Substance Abuse Clinics to Treat Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Makes Sense


Why does it make sense to use substance abuse clinics to treat drug addiction or alcoholism?

Let’s take a look at the basic reasons:

1) When you cannot stop on your own.

Think about it.  Addiction or alcoholism is killing you.  You are either going to end up dead or in jail.  Those are the only real outcomes for a true addict or alcoholic.  So what do you do?  You come to realize this, slowly, and start to peak through your own denial.

But your denial hangs on.  You don’t want to take real action just yet.  You sense that you are in trouble, that you have a serious problem, but you hesitate to act, and to try to fix it.

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So you might try to solve the problem yourself.  You think “Oh, gosh, I get into serious trouble when I use way too much of my favorite drug (or drink), so I better knock that crap off, and cut back a little bit.  Get this stuff under control.”

So you attempt to control it.  And you fool yourself for a while, because you actually DO control it.  Yes, any addict or alcoholic actually CAN control their intake, at least for a short while.

And the truly stubborn folks out there might control it for months or even years at a stretch, without really losing control.

But eventually, anyone who is a true addict or alcoholic will return to their drug of choice.  It might take a while, but it will happen.  And they might control it for a while, but eventually it will get them into trouble again.

So you see, you have to look at the long term pattern sometimes.  It is not fair to just look at a week or a month or even the past year and say “I am not really an addict.”  Look at your whole life.  Look at what keeps happening, over and over again.  This is where you diagnose the problem.

So you try to stop on your own and at some point you have to admit that you have truly tried to stop, and that you could not.

When you get to that point, you must surely realize that you need help, and that you cannot help yourself.  You need outside help.

Thus, a substance abuse rehab clinic makes sense in this case.  Go find one.

2) So maybe you know that you need outside help, you have been around the block before, been to rehab clinics, you know the drill.  Good for you.  Yet, your life is still a mess, and you are still out of control due to self medicating all the time.

So do you really “know” the solution?  Maybe you had a few years clean and sober, and you think you know the solution.  But you missed something.  You failed to learn something important.  And now it is up to you to go back to rehab and learn it all over again.

So you went to rehab once and you know about recovery and you somehow ended up relapsing.

You are stuck again in a cycle of addiction, trapped by your own devices.  You need help, and you need support, and you need new information to help you to get clean and sober again.

You may have done it before but now you are stuck again.

Hence, you need an addiction treatment clinic.  Go find one.  Go check into rehab again.

3) You lack support.

So even if you think you know what  you need to do, you might need help in doing it.  You may have been to rehab in the past but you lack the support that you need to build a new life in recovery.  You lack the support that you need to share your problems and your issues with being sober.  You lack the support that you need to have new friends in recovery who are not drinking and drugging every day.

Where can you get such support?  At the corner bar?  Not exactly!  You could go to 12 step meetings, or you could go back to rehab, and start building your foundation of recovery from there.


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