If You are Trying to Quit Drinking

If You are Trying to Quit Drinking


If you have been trying to quit drinking for a long time and not made any real progress in that area and have not achieved any sobriety then it might be time to take a new approach.  There are a couple of things that you can do that will potentially kick your recovery into gear and get you started on a healthier path in life.

The whole key is the moment of surrender. You have to let go of the struggle to control your drinking and admit to yourself that you cannot drink successfully.  Make peace with the fact that you are no good at drinking alcohol.  You screw it up over and over again.  You might be great at “holding your liquor” and you might also have many days when you do not get into huge problems due to your drinking, but if you are here reading this trying to figure out how to quit then that means there have been problems.

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Normal people do not have problems with their drinking.  If you are thinking of quitting then you have every reason to take this a step further and actually make it happen because the payoff for doing so will be huge.  In other words, anyone who is thinking about quitting drinking really needs to quit, because it will benefit them greatly.

Now most people think that there must be some secret to quitting, or that there must be a certain method or strategy for quitting that is better than the other strategies.  In reality this is not true and pretty much any method or advice or program for quitting drinking will work just fine as long as it is based on abstinence.  The real key to success instead is in the passion and the enthusiasm with which you pursue recovery.  That is the only thing that really matters when it comes to your success in recovery.

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This enthusiasm and passion that you have for recovery can only be measured in one way: action taken.  That might sound a little confusing but it the real world it makes perfect sense.  Many people will talk a good game in recovery and tell you that they are dedicated to recovery but then they end up relapsing. What happened?  They talked a good game but they did not take real action in their life.  The best indicator of success in quitting drinking is in how much positive action you take every day towards your recovery.  It does not matter much what action this is or what strategy you follow or what program you are in.  Those are minor details and as long as you take positive action toward recovery every day then you will achieve sobriety.

If you are really trying to quit and you are sincere in your efforts then I suggest that you ask for help first and foremost.  Most alcoholics cannot do it alone so asking for help is absolutely essential.  Once you do that, start following some suggestions and taking action.  Your life will improve.


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