Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal is Usually a Good Idea

Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal is Usually a Good Idea


If you or someone you know is detoxing from alcohol then the best treatment of alcohol withdrawal that you can follow is to get them to a treatment center that has a detox.  The reason for this is simple: the detox unit in alcohol treatment centers actually specialize in detoxing people, so they are going to be better at it than anyone else.  Now you might be asking yourself: “Why bother with a professional detox for alcohol withdrawal?  Why not just do it yourself?”

There are several reasons why you should seek professional treatment:

1) Safer – detoxing from alcohol on your own is potentially dangerous and can actually kill you if you are not careful.  If you start shaking when you don’t take a drink then that is a sure sign that your detox is probably beyond your means of control and you need to get help.  Medication is required at this point in order to keep a person safe during withdrawal and even with medication given the person who is shaking might still have a seizure.  Because alcohol withdrawal is a life threatening condition, it is nothing to mess around with and should really be medically supervised.  This is the most important reason why you need professional treatment services for alcohol detox.

2) Comfort – Alcohol withdrawal is not pleasant for most people, and can feel downright awful in some cases.  If you feel miserable when you have not been drinking and your body has physical side effects from the withdrawal, then you could benefit greatly from going to an alcohol treatment center.  Again, they will give you medication to help you through the withdrawal and this will also help you to stay more comfortable when you feel sick.  It beats laying on your couch and shaking for 3 days and risking death.

3) Follow up care – Does it really do a person any good to get detoxed from alcohol, only to go home and start drinking again right away?  Of course not.  The key is that you take action in order to recover but most people do not know what actions to take in early recovery.  Alcohol treatment is designed to help you learn what actions you should be taking in order to stay sober.

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4) Peer support – is a huge part of recovery, especially in early sobriety, and you will meet several peers in rehab who are on the same journey as you are.  We need help in order to recover and we can’t do it alone, so this is another critical piece of the puzzle.

There are some people who would be in serious danger if they did not seek medical detox for their alcoholism.  There are others who may be OK detoxing from a medical standpoint, but they end up relapsing almost immediately after quitting alcohol on their own.  In any case, most people need some sort of help in order to get through early recovery from alcoholism.  Seek that help from a treatment center and you will have a definite advantage over going it alone.

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