Treating Alcoholism with Marijuana

Treating Alcoholism with Marijuana

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Does treating alcoholism with marijuana really work?  I can tell you that based on my own personal experience that it does not work.  It only works briefly in the short term, just like every other technique, strategy, and tactic that alcoholics try in order to control their drinking.  But in the long run marijuana will screw an alcoholic up and lead them right back to the bottle every time.

There is this idea of “cross addiction,” that if you are addicted to one drug (such as alcohol) then you are addicted to all drugs, including anything that you try to replace it with.  So any mood or mind altering chemical that you try to replace the alcohol with is going to become a huge problem and be just as addictive for you.  Well based on my experience this turns out to be true and I believe that you are basically substituting one drug for another.

When I tried the “marijuana maintenance program” myself, it only lasted a month or two before I ended up drinking again.  The problem was that I could not seem to fully self medicate while using just marijuana by itself.  I was used to using both alcohol and marijuana in the past in order to medicate myself and my emotional state, but removing the alcohol from the equation was making this difficult.  I could not seem to use enough of the drug in order to get to the state of mind I wanted to be in.  I was seeking the oblivion that only alcohol could provide and was trying to smoke enough marijuana to compensate for that.  For a few weeks I was able to get by but ultimately you build up some tolerance and eventually you just cannot use enough in order to really medicate yourself at all.  And so I became frustrated and ended up drinking again.  The marijuana maintenance plan failed for me because the drug did not do its job as well as my drug of choice did.  It was a decent substitute for a while but eventually I had to have the real thing again.

Ultimately the answer is to seek out an entirely new way of life instead of trying to switch from one drug to another.  You can do that by making a decision to change and thus breaking through your denial.  If you can manage to do this then it is time to take massive action in your life and doing so will lead to the changes that will keep you clean and sober.

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