Tips to Get the Most Out of an Alcohol Recovery Center Visit

Tips to Get the Most Out of an Alcohol Recovery Center Visit


What are some tips to get the most out of an alcohol recovery center visit?

Let’s take a look:

* Seek a local alcohol recovery facility. There are a number of reasons to go local rather than seek out a “nationally recognized” rehab center.  One is that it is bound to be much cheaper, while the quality of treatment at a luxury rehab does not really offer any advantages when it comes to the bottom line and success rates.  Second of all, getting family involvement is much easier when you attend a local rehab, rather than one across the country.  Third, setting up a decent aftercare plan is much easier if you keep it local, rather than going off afar.

* Eliminate scheduling conflicts so you can focus on recovery. If you are in a drug rehab center, and you have constant worries about things going on in the outside world, then your treatment is not going to be very effective.  Therefore, make sure that you have absolutely no worries whatsoever on the outside when you check into treatment.  If you run your own business or something, then you have to set up a plan in advance so that it is all taken care of while you are gone.  Outside focus can destroy your efforts.  Plan in advance to eliminate all distractions.

* Be prepared for family involvement.  The big studies show that if you get your family involved in your treatment, you will generally experience better outcomes.  Without necessarily being pushy, try to get things set up so that the important people in your life are also going to be part of your treatment, and plan on having them attend a family session or two with you if you can.  Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success.

* Stay open to any forms of suggested aftercare. There was a time when I went to residential treatment myself, and things were going well, but for whatever reason, I was not open to the suggested form of aftercare.  This destroyed any chance I had of staying clean, because I was not willing to follow through on their suggestions, and I also resented them for even suggesting long term treatment.  Needless to say, I relapsed immediately after leaving rehab.

If you want to stay clean and sober in the long run, you have to take direction in early recovery.  People at the rehab will tell you what to do, and you basically want to do it if you want to achieve success.  I was not willing to take direction and it cost me dearly at the time.  It was not for another year until I decided that I had finally had enough and was willing to do whatever they told me to do.

* Participate. If you go to rehab and take a passive role in the groups and the meetings, expect to relapse shortly thereafter.  No, the only way to recover from addiction is to change your entire life, and that requires massive action.  You have to get active in your recovery in order to make real progress.

* Dedicate your life to sobriety. This is really what it takes to be successful.  Do not think of your trip to rehab as a minor distraction in your life, or as a little side project.  No, you have to think of your recovery in terms of taking over your every waking thought.  Your life must become all about sobriety and recovery if you are going to be successful.  Anything less than this full level of commitment will result in relapse.

Just ask those who have relapsed and they will tell you that they did not commit fully to their recovery.