Supporting a Drug Addict or Alcoholic During Recovery

Supporting a Drug Addict or Alcoholic During Recovery


Supporting a drug addict or alcoholic during recovery can be a bit of a slippery slope.  To some extent, we need to be very careful about enabling the addict and actually doing them more harm then good when we are just trying to help.

It all depends on the exact situation and how much we are actually supporting the person.  It also depends on what their true intentions are and what type of personality they have.  If they have a tendency to be manipulative and took advantage of people a lot during their active addiction, then chances are good that they will be somewhat manipulative in early recovery as well.  We can actually harm such people and their chances at long term recovery by supporting them too much.

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Recovery is about change and about doing something different.  But even more than that, recovery is about personal responsibility.  An addict should have to put themselves into action when they get clean and sober and start making things happen for themselves.  This is not a time to let other people pick up the slack for them.  The recovering addict should be willing to put in the work.

If a person in early recovery is not willing to put in a massive effort, then they are not going to stay clean and sober anyway.  If they are not willing to put in a ton of action and a massive effort, then they are doomed to relapse anyway.  Seriously, it takes a truly massive effort to change your life enough to stay clean and sober.  It is not a trivial matter.

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It’s all about change. The addict has to change everything in order to stay sober.  That means they have to change their habits of living and maybe their work habits as well.  If they were not supporting themselves in addiction, then guess what?  They need to support themselves in recovery.  Why?  Because they have to change everything.

We have to change everything in order to recover.  That is not just some cute saying in AA.  You really have to live it. Turn your whole life around.  Start doing things differently.  It’s about personal responsibility and if that means getting a job and supporting yourself, then so be it.

Doing so might be a critical step for recovery.  A big part of it is self esteem.  The addict might need the boost that comes from supporting themselves instead of relying on others.

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