Strategies to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Strategies to Stop Drinking Alcohol

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There are several different strategies to stop drinking alcohol and pretty much any of them will work for you if you really apply them in your life.  Most people do not believe this because they think that there must be a certain approach that works better than all the others.  People who believe this are mistaken and they are ignoring a mountain of evidence that points to the fact that many people recover using different strategies.

For example, there are many people who recover using a 12 step program.  This is a great strategy and it works well for some people but it does not work for everyone.  In fact almost 80 percent of people who attend an AA meeting never return to the program again after a years time.  So this can hardly be called a universal program of recovery and of course there are other options out there.

As another example, there are some people who use exercise as their primary method of recovery.  This is not just some idea that they tacked on to their recovery program, it is their recovery program.  They stay sober by being in great physical shape and challenging themselves to be athletic and competitive.  These people have nothing to do with the 12 step program and they are doing just fine with their sobriety.  More power to them.

As another example, there are some people out there who are recovering from alcoholism based entirely on a religious program of recovery.  Again, these people do not use the 12 step approach and they claim that they do not need it and they are doing just fine.

There are other strategies out there but these examples give you an idea of the variety that exists.  Understand too that we can find examples from all 3 strategies of people that have relapsed, and we can also find success stories.  It would be very difficult to prove that any one treatment strategy is vastly superior to the others, as recovery rates in general are just not that high across the board.

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Now based on this information, what can we learn?  We can figure out that the best alcohol recovery strategy is the one that works for you.  It is your responsibility to find out what that is and embrace it and grow with it.  Don’t just try one method of recovery and end up relapsing and fault yourself for it.  Pick yourself back up and vow to get sober in some way and then find an alternative.  Or go back and try the same thing over and over again and expect a different result and see how that works for you.  But I would suggest that if a treatment strategy fails that you simply pick a new strategy.  Sobriety is worth it!

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