What Can be Done to Stop Alcoholism from Progressing?

What Can be Done to Stop Alcoholism from Progressing?


The best way to stop alcoholism in the struggling alcoholic is a two part approach: first of all they have to interrupt their life to the point where they are doing something drastically different in order to get some short term sobriety under their belt, and then they have to figure out how to live sober.

This is two separate events, really.  Many people who initially stop drinking for a while might do so with or without any sort of help.  They might go to rehab or they might start going to meetings or whatever.  But essentially, this is the short term answer for stopping alcoholism.  After you get through this stage of early recovery, how are you going to stay sober in the long run?  How are you going to create a new life for yourself that is fulfilling without the use of alcohol?

Early recovery is all about taking massive action. Focused action.  Going to AA meetings every day is great.  This can be really helpful in early sobriety.  Getting a sponsor is helpful too.  You might even be going to see a therapist on a regular basis.  These are all just details, but they all add up to give you a real chance at success in early recovery.  If you are not taking massive action, then your chances of relapse are greatly increased.

After you get through this early stage of recovery by taking all sorts of positive action, what happens next?  Most people relapse because they do not know how to transition into long term sobriety. If their program starts to fail them, and they have urges to drink or use drugs, they think that “more” is the answer.  More meetings, more therapy, more action.  Actually, in long term recovery, balance becomes increasingly important.  You don’t want to overdo the recovery stuff long term because it will burn you out and eventually stop being so helpful.  Recovery is about living, after all.

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Balance in long term recovery is about doing less sometimes, not more.  And even the 12 steps hint at that if you look at them as a progression.  But you never want to stop learning and growing in recovery, or you’re toast.  Holistic growth should be your goal, and genuinely improving yourself as a person in every area of your life is the means to get there.  That means not limiting yourself to spiritual growth, but seeking improvements in all areas of your life as well.

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