Shyness and Drinking

Shyness and Drinking


There is a big correlation between shyness and drinking and it is this: those who are shy usually really like to drink.


Because drinking fixes shyness.  It absolutely does, there is not doubting this.  Of course, the problem is when drinking does too good a job at it, and ends up wrecking lives and destroying people.

If you happen to by a shy person, then you might want to steer clear of alcohol altogether, as it will probably do a really good job of fixing your shyness.  If you have a drink or two, you will notice a growing confidence that you did not have before.  If you drink too much, you will become belligerent eventually.

I do not know for sure if people who are naturally shy have a greater disposition to becoming alcohol or not.  I just know that I am shy and that alcohol cured that part of me.  It worked so well that I never wanted to be sober again from the moment I took my first drink.

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If you are shy and you are an alcoholic then you will face a problem when you get sober.  You have to figure out how to overcome some of that shyness in order to interact with people and overcome your alcoholism.  We need help in order to recover and you cannot do it alone.  If you are shy and drink all the time then you know that you cannot stop on your own without the help of other people or you would have done so already.

The only way to overcome shyness is to force yourself to do so.  You have to push yourself to interact with others in some small way, and you have to do so consistently.  If you don’t keep doing it every day then you will fall back into a pattern of isolation and you will not be able to reach out to others as easily in the future.  So part of the key is to establish some daily habits and routines that force you to make regular connections with other people.  This is important because the tendency for addicts to isolate in recovery is really strong, and it is even more of a problem for shy people.

One way you might do this is to find a regular 12 step meeting to attend every week and make a commitment to be there no matter what.  Another way is to find other addicts and alcoholics to work with and meet up with them regularly.

Overcoming shyness in recovery requires action.

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