S.O.S- I am single, I go on frequent dates, and I need...

S.O.S- I am single, I go on frequent dates, and I need to keep off alcohol!


Dating without alcohol may sound like an implausible proposition, but it is still possible. If you are single, chances are that you hang out in bars and restaurants, where alcohol is freely accessible. To make matters worse, a typical “dinner and movie” date has its share of spirits attached to it. Frequent dates and being single for a long time can easily catapult someone into becoming addicted to alcohol.

In most cases, the addict doesn’t even realize that his or her affinity towards alcohol consumption has started increasing. Rather than making alcohol an integral part of social dynamic, you should be more proactive and sensitive towards alcohol usage at the outset to prevent possible addiction. It is also possible for recovering alcoholics to go on dates without the pressure of having to drink. Here are a few tips to keep your dates alcohol-free.

Try Outdoors

Planning an outdoor trip can help keep you off the bottle. Try driving down to a new place to explore the outdoors, and try camping or just taking a long drive. Such escapades give you a great way to spend a lot of alone-time together with your date while keeping you of the bottle. In most cases, couples are forced into consuming alcohol when they are in a typical “date-like” environment. Going outdoors also gives a unique “angle” to the date.

Volunteer for a Cause

You can sign up with your date to volunteer for a social cause. It could be something as simple as a garage sale, with the proceeds of the sales going to charity. There are a lot of organizations that organize social drives on weekends. You can enroll for tree plantation drives, clean up drives or education drives- there is a whole range of causes to choose from. This is a great way to know the softer aspects of your date better and keep off the bottle.

Explore Your Own Backyard

Even if you have been staying in your town for a very long time, you can explore your own town and learn something new about your own “backyard”. Take a stroll with your date to a part of your town that you have never been to. You can visit museums, art galleries, parks, theatres or any other places that are of common interest to both of you. Being a tourist in your own city can be an interesting way to spend time with your date and create new memories in an old setting.

Try Adventure Sports

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Adventure sports can be a great way to bond together. You can go river rafting, mountain climbing, dirt biking, or skiing depending upon what your geographic location has to offer. I personally love going bungee jumping with my date. Adventure sports can be planned over long weekends. Personally, the best part about going on an adventure sport weekend is that it gives me a better adrenaline rush that getting drunk does.

So, the next time you see yourself getting caught in the same vicious circle of “wine-dine-dance-and-get-tipsy”, you know how to suggest exciting date ideas while staying clean.

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