Rehab for Alcohol

Rehab for Alcohol


Any alcoholic who is struggling to quit drinking should consider rehab for alcohol as a solution to their problem.  There are many different possible solutions for the problem of alcoholism, including:

1) Medication – such as getting Campral or Antabuse from a doctor to try and quit drinking.

2) Group therapy – to try and get the support you need to stop drinking alcohol.

3) 12 step meetings – to learn a new program and a new way to live sober.

4) Alcohol rehab – to get “dried out” and also learn about how to live sober.

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5) Long term rehab – living in a sober house to learn how to live sober.

6) Counseling or therapy sessions – regular meetings with an individual to talk about living sober.

And so on.  There are probably other models of alcohol treatment out there but those are some of the more popular solutions that people use.

Now if you will notice 2 of those solutions involve rehab for alcoholism: residential treatment (generally lasting a few days to a few weeks in length) and also long term rehab (lasting a few weeks to several months).

Both of those are great options for the struggling alcoholic for a number of reasons:

1) Alcohol treatment gives you the clean break that you need to get dried out in a sober environment. Pretty much everyone has tried to quit drinking before and failed because alcohol was too readily available to them.  Being in rehab solves this problem, at least in the short run.  Eventually you will be faced with the choice and the ability to pick up a drink, but in the early days you need insurance that you will not be able to do so.  Rehab provides that.

2) Alcohol rehab provides the support you need in early recovery. Changing your life is about networking with people, at least in early recovery.  You need help in order to solve a drinking problem (otherwise you would not have the problem!).  Rehab provides these connections with other people and your peers can become an important part of your support system.  You will probably also be introduced to a recovery program, such as the 12 step program, and you can gain massive support from that as well.

3) Rehab gives you resources in order to make your recovery work. This becomes especially true with long term rehab, if you choose to go that route.  Long term sobriety is the goal of course and you might need additional resources in order to get there.  Rehab can help get your connected with solutions that you need to be successful in life.


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