Is Professional Alcohol Rehab Worth the Money?

Is Professional Alcohol Rehab Worth the Money?


While undergoing professional alcohol rehab seem like a costly affair as compared to self-rehab, there are many compelling medically and ultimately financially beneficial reasons as to why you should go for a professional rehab instead of administering (or trying to administer) a self-rehab on yourself.

First and foremost, professional rehab is safer as compared to self-rehab. Alcohol detox brings about a whole host of unforeseen and unexpected withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can be tough to deal with and may make the patient feel frustrated or unmotivated to continue treatment . Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include sweating, trembling, increased heartbeat, and uneasiness. Withdrawal symptoms usually surface because the patientís body has been so used to continuous alcohol consumption over the years causing severe addiction to alcohol that they begin to crave it. In some extreme cases, these withdrawal symptoms get so tough to manage that the patient relapses or tries to commit suicide.

However, through professional help and constant monitoring of the effect of the withdrawal symptoms, patients feel more secure and receive support and encouragement during this difficult phase. In alcohol rehab, medical specialists take proper care of the patients during this phase and enable them to fight their urges with ease, a benefit not found at home.
Alcohol rehab facilities are beneficial when it comes to providing medical attention to the patients. While there are prescribed medications used to help extreme alcohol addicts in their rehabilitation efforts, using drugs to overcome substance abuse is not always the best way to go about treatment. Rehab professionals and medical practitioners work hand in hand to ensure that the patient is given†only†those medicines that are absolutely necessary for the patient in order to sail over the rehab efforts.

While we agree that professional rehab services will turn out to be costlier than self-rehab, but the benefits of undergoing a professional rehab treatment severely outweigh the cost involved. If you look at it from the perspective of opportunity cost, saving a few hundred dollarsí worth of professional rehab treatment can actually land you in a fatal situation and even damage your internal organs permanently. The most important reason for undergoing professional alcohol rehab is managing symptoms in a structured way. By using a structured program instead of self-rehab, individuals have a greater chance of recovery and less of a chance of relapsing and going back to their old lifestyle. Money spent on health and wellness is money well spent in the long run.


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