Possible Solution for Alcoholism

Possible Solution for Alcoholism

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What is a possible solution for alcoholism?  There are a few possibilities for anyone who is struggling to quit drinking.

One is to go to AA.  This works great for some people and not so well for others.  You should probably make this a starting point for your recovery and give it a try.  You have very little to lose by simply giving the program a chance.   The meetings are completely free.  You can go there and simply listen and see if the program is right for you.  AA helps many people but overall the success rate is not anything great.  However, alternative programs do not offer any higher success rates either, so it is not like there is an obvious path here.  You should try AA because it is the biggest and most widely available solution for alcoholism.

Now here are some other ideas you can try if you do not want to go the AA route, but keep this in mind: anything you try in order to beat alcoholism has to be done with extreme passion and enthusiasm.  If you just put forth a modest effort in any of these solutions, you will relapse.  For sure.  You have to take massive action in order to succeed.  This is true regardless of whether you choose AA or any other recovery path.

Other paths might include:

1) Individual counseling or therapy sessions – To be honest this did not work for me but I know it has worked for some people.  If you go this route you will probably have to supplement these individual counseling sessions with other tactics in order to recover.  And of course you will have to put your heart and soul into the therapy and take any and all suggestions from the therapist and start applying stuff in your life.  It is all about action and if you just go to one therapy session each week and sit there and babble and chit chat and don’t really get fired up to take any meaningful action in your life then you are not going to stay sober.

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2) Holistic growth – this is the path that I try to follow in long term recovery.  I am not sure if you can just start on this path from day one in recovery without doing some serious networking with others in recovery.  The idea behind holistic growth is that you try to push yourself to grow personally in all areas of your life.  So instead of just focusing on spiritual growth, you would branch out from that and also focus on physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of your life.

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