Parties Are Possible Without Alcohol

Parties Are Possible Without Alcohol


“What’s a holiday party without a drink or two?”

This question appears with friendly gatherings of all sorts. It is the social norm to provide booze when hosting a party. This doesn’t make drinking a necessity. Friendship should not need beer goggles in order for those involved to have a good time. Instead of putting out a spiked punch or a hard cider, use non-alcoholic versions! There are some very nice recipes that avoid alcohol.

Drink Alternatives

Make use of the internet. It is an easy way to find drinks to serve. Go to any website on Google and search “alcohol free punch.” Many of the options look fantastic!

Another method of avoiding sticky situations with alcohol is to stick with classic drink alternatives. Have a pitcher of water, a variety of juices, and a variety of soda for cold drinks. Tea and coffee are available for those who prefer something hot.

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Party Games

Many classic party games involve alcohol consumption. But they don’t have to! If drinking is a key aspect to the game (like in beer pong), it is possible to use non-alcoholic beverages or water. Other games can be incorporated into parties as well. Taboo or Apples to Apples is always a great choice!

Some guests might use the age old excuse of, “it’s more fun when everybody’s drunk!” This could be a warning sign of an individual’s own reliance on alcohol. Let that person know of your concern. It may help.

Prime Locations

Some may say that parties in the safety of your own home limit danger. For the sake of argument, let’s look at the other side. Temptation may be in the house even if it is not out at the party. And there won’t be an extra cost for alcohol like at a bar. Where can you go that takes away such temptation? Public parks often rent pavilions. There are strict restrictions on alcoholic beverages in such locations, and therefore easier to avoid alcohol consumption. Pavilions provide for cold weather as well: indoor pavilions are heated.

Just Have Fun!

The most important aspect of a holiday party is sharing the experience with those you love. Providing an alcohol free environment allows everybody to have a good time without the worry of things getting out of hand.

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