How Much Alcohol is Okay to Consume?

How Much Alcohol is Okay to Consume?


You will come across a number of suggestions (both online and word of mouth) eliciting exactly how much drinking is enough for you before you are officially labeled an addict. There are innumerable texts detailing how many drinks to have before you call it a night. However, there is just one answer to this question- it depends!

I know I am not making matters any better for you, but the truth is that one cannot pin point and say that “x” number of drinks is considered responsible drinking whereas any more than that amount is too much. Since tolerance to alcohol is respective towards each individual, when drinking, he/she must judge his/her own physical considerations and the effect of alcohol on one’s own body and mind before being sure of exactly how much is too much.

One of my friends used to average about 4 glasses of wine on a daily basis. When I asked her about it, she said it was the “normal” quantity for her. However, when I asked the same question to a larger sample, the number of people who found this to be “below average” was almost the same as those who found this number to be “above average”. The skewed opinion clearly establishes that a particular quantity can be both normal and abnormal depending upon individual consuming alcohol.

Having said that, there are clear ways to deduce whether or not you have been having a bit too much. The first indication that you should pull the plug on your booze intake is when you start to experience heavy breathing. Heavy breathing is caused due to irregular heartbeats and the body is unable to cope with the intoxication caused by heavy alcohol consumption.

Another simple sign indicating that you should stop drinking is when your vital organs are less strong than they used to be. There comes a point when the body starts rejecting any more alcohol and you feel the need to go to the toilet to urinate quite frequently. This is the point when your renal organs are unable to accommodate any more alcohol in your body and this is probably a good time to stop drinking more. Drinking beyond this point puts excessive pressure on your kidneys and also tends to interfere with the regular flow of blood in the body, leading to uneven blood-pressure, thereby causing uneven heartbeat.

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Finally, if you feel nauseous and want to vomit- stop drinking! Vomiting is probably the last stage before the point in which to NOT consume anymore alcohol. If you have been vomiting at frequent intervals, even on days when you took considerably low quantities of alcohol, chances are that your liver has grown weak. You should immediately seek medical attention in such cases and enroll in an alcohol detox rehabilitation program. Alcohol detox not only allows you to abstain, it also gives your liver the required time to recover from the added strain put on it due to excessive alcohol consumption.

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