Should You Seek Out Long Term Alcohol Rehab?

Should You Seek Out Long Term Alcohol Rehab?


Most alcoholics who want to get help for their problem hesitate to take the plunge when it comes to long term alcohol rehab.  The idea just seems to leave a bad taste in people’s mouths, probably because they equate it with going to jail.  “Really, you mean I would actually live in the alcohol rehab for several months?”  It sounds like a prison sentence.

But there are several reasons to give long term treatment a chance, especially if you are a struggling alcoholic.  Let’s take a look:

1) Long term rehab is an extreme measure – Sure it is a big move and it seems like overkill to some people.  But that is what is typically needed to overcome an addiction to alcohol.  You need overwhelming force in order to tackle a problem this big.  If you just sober up one day and decide that you will make a vague effort not to drink and that maybe you will hit an AA meeting every once in a while, that is not going to work at all.  It takes a much more concentrated effort than that and much more focused energy.  Long term treatment can provide that focus, whereas other treatment methods (such as residential treatment or outpatient counseling) do not.

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2) Long term works when other methods fail – Alcoholics who are sober today got there by following different paths.  Some went to meetings, some found religion, some went to short term treatment, and some went to long term rehab.  Now if you happen to be a struggling alcoholic who keeps relapsing, it is time to try something different.  If you want to learn how to live a sober life then you need to take real action.  You have to do something in order to find sobriety.  If what you have been trying has not worked, then try something else.  In some cases, this means giving long term rehab a chance.  It is the most intensive method of treatment so it pretty much gives you the best shot at sobriety.

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3) Long term is about transition and actually living sober – If you happen to go to a typical rehab for 28 days or less, they will try their best to teach you how to live a sober life.  But then when you leave treatment, you actually have to stumble around and learn how to live that sober life yourself.  In long term alcohol rehab, you will actually be living in treatment for a long time, and by doing so you will be learning how to live a sober life while transitioning back into your normal life as well.  It is more of a “hands on” experience with sobriety than what other treatment methods can provide.

If you are struggling to get sober then look into long term treatment.  It is a big step for a person, but it produces awesome results.

I would urge you to consider long term if you have been trying to sober up for a long time with no success.  Just going to a long term place shows that you have a strong desire to change.


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