What is a Life Without Drinking Like?

What is a Life Without Drinking Like?


What is life without drinking like?  If you are a struggling alcoholic then this is the ideal that you should be striving for.  If you are trapped in a cycle of alcoholism then you probably think that a life without alcohol is not even a possibility for you.  Many alcoholics reach a point in their disease where they can not picture themselves continuing on with their drinking any longer, and at the same time, they cannot picture their life without drinking and the thought of it terrifies them.  In fact, when they reach this point, they are scared, period.  Either option is full of fear.  Continue drinking into the gates of death, or stop drinking and face the reality of a life lived sober.  If you are at this point then you should be grateful and ask for help so that you can change your life.  Surrender to the idea that you can no longer drink successfully and ask for help.  If you do this then hopefully people in your life will direct you to someone who can help you.

You can start living this new life if you go to rehab and go through detox.  Then you will probably go through treatment there and attend groups and lectures and so on.  You will meet others in early recovery who are trying to stop drinking too.  They will most likely introduce you to the 12 step program of AA.  You may or may not involve yourself heavily with this.

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A life of sobriety is awesome and is worth fighting for but you are going to have to put in some effort. In fact you have to change your whole life and that takes a monumental effort in order to pull it off.  The key is to take massive action in early recovery and if you can do this consistently during your first year of recovery then it will set you up well for a lifetime of sobriety.  If, on the other hand, you just sort of approach recovery in a casual way and don’t really put in this massive amount of effort, then you are not going to have the solid foundation that you could have had.  The key is to take massive action.

How can you do this in early recovery?  By doing something to help you in your recovery every single day. If you are in a 12 step program then you would definitely go to one or several meetings every single day.  But there are alternatives to that and if you want to recover then you simply have to push yourself to grow in a holistic manner.

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Life gets good when you stay sober, but it takes time for the benefits to kick in.  It takes time to unravel a life of chaos that was caused by an addiction.  Give yourself a break and allow that time to pass while you stay sober.  If you stick it out you will find that life becomes worth living again.


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