How do I know whether a particular alcohol rehab center is the...

How do I know whether a particular alcohol rehab center is the best for my needs?


Oftentimes, when an addict is seeking recovery, they may need to make various choices in his or her treatment. Among their choices are which rehab center would be the right center in which to recover. A rehab center is a place where addicts with extreme alcohol dependency can seek professional help.

While drug addiction rehab is all about training the brain to unlearn the “pleasure” derived from consumption, different rehab centers tackle the problem differently. Some rehab centers depend heavily on the experts working with them while others utilize support groups that exist within the center. Centers may also differ in the way they carry out their rehab programs in routine and therefore, it becomes all the more important for you to choose the right rehab center for yourself.


Some rehab centers may specialize in short duration rehab courses while others may be better equipped to handle long-standing rehab programs. The duration of the program is primarily a function of the severity of addiction. If you have been a long-term addict, it will take you longer to stay off the bottle permanently. You should get a proper assessment done for the severity of your addiction before you choose the program for yourself.

Residential vs. Non-Residential

Rehab centers can either be residential or non-residential. Residential rehab centers are more effective against alcohol addiction treatment; however, they are also more expensive. To add to this, a patient may relapse back into alcoholism once he or she gets out of the “typical rehab” environment. Non-residential rehab centers, on the other hand, may not provide the focus and environment that residential rehab centers provide. If you are looking for a long term rehab program, it makes more sense to go for a residential rehab center.

Paid rehab vs. Free Rehab center

While most rehab centers charge a fee for their de-addiction plans, there are some rehab centers that are funded by the government or a charitable organization. Funded centers may be free or more economical as compared to private rehab centers. Paid rehab centers, however, possess state of the art facilities and their programs are definitely more effective than the funded centers.

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Moreover, you may have to wait a few months in order to get admission into a good funded/free rehab center because of their unprecedented popularity.  You may also choose a rehab center based on what your insurance policy allows for. Read the offer document of your insurance policy to ensure that you get all the claims worth the premium you have been paying thus far. In short, you may have to start looking out for the right rehab center a couple of months before you plan to book a spot for yourself.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The infrastructure at the rehab center should also be a part of your consideration set while choosing between different rehab centers. For those of you who are used to certain luxuries of life, there are a number of super-luxury rehab centers. Most rehab centers have different tiers of packages aimed at an entire gamut of customers: from the basic no-frill package to the all goodies attached packages.

In early recovery, there is nothing more important than having the right tools needed to get clean. So go ahead and choose the center that suits your tastes the best.

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