What Items Should I Stay Away From While Administering Alcohol Detox?

What Items Should I Stay Away From While Administering Alcohol Detox?


It is common for medical practitioners and individuals to use medicines in order to aid detox. While I have always been against the use of any external chemical substance in order to get rid of another, there are certain substances that one must ALWAYS stay away from.

I agree that the use of certain medicines might be required on some people with an extreme condition of alcoholism; therefore, I have compiled a list of substances that should never be used during the detox process. I am not saying that using substances out of this list is okay; all I am trying to point out is that one should stay away from those in the list. Apart from chemical substances, I have also included common day-to-day stuff that should be kept out of reach of addicts.

Morphine and Related Substances

We all know that morphine is available in hospitals and is used as a common anesthesia agent. However, morphine or any other anesthesia can be abused by addicts in order to surface over the urge to consume alcohol. Alcohol rehab centers are particularly careful while dealing with these substances. However, if you are administering self-detox, you need to be proactive in getting rid of anything that you can use as an alternative to alcohol abuse.

Common Substances of Abuse

These include alcohol based cleaners, deodorants, perfumes, aerosol sprays, cleaning material based on alcohol, furniture polish and shoe polish. Most wax based cleaners and polishes are based on alcohol. Such items are available in most common households and can pose serious threat to your detox program.

Expired Medications

Like substances of common abuse, expired medication and medicines that have narcotic substances pose a greater threat to those administering self-detox as compared to those who undergo detox at a rehab center. The best way to get rid of all such medicines is by searching your entire house and making a list of medicines. Dispose of the expired medicines at the outset. Out of those that are left over, read the label for instructions and warnings. If the drug or some component of the drug has been classified as a narcotic material, discard that medicine too.

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If you are undergoing detox at a rehab center, ensure that you inform your rehab specialists about any ongoing medication. This will help them plan the detox accordingly. At times, you may be asked to temporarily stop the consumption of some medicine that you may be administering for some other condition.

Weapons and Other Similar Items

Detox can be quite taxing on the patient, especially if the patient has been severely addicted. In some extreme cases, patients are known to have committed suicide on buckling under the pressure of withdrawal symptoms. Rehab centers have extensive drives to remove all such materials that can be used as weapons from their premises. You should also undertake such exercises at home if you are planning a self-detox. Broken window-glass, sharp objects and toolkits should be locked away from reach.

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