Problems with Inpatient Alcohol Rehab and Why You Should Go Anyway

Problems with Inpatient Alcohol Rehab and Why You Should Go Anyway


If you are struggling with alcoholism and quitting drinking, should you consider going to inpatient alcohol rehab?

Yes you should.  Inpatient rehab is expensive, but it does work.  If you have the desire to quit drinking, then you should definitely make the effort to get into treatment.  Now sometimes it can be a challenge to get into rehab.  There are a number of potential issues with getting into treatment:

1) Rehab is expensive.

2) If you have insurance, there is probably a big copay. Also, insurance companies obviously do not want to shell out thousands of dollars for inpatient treatment if they can help it.  It is either expensive for you or it is expensive for them.  Treatment costs money.

3) Most rehabs need a scheduled appointment. You would think that alcohol rehabs would take walk in clients.  Believe it or not, most require a scheduled appointment.  Sort of annoying, really.  When you are ready to get sober you are ready to get sober.

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It is worth dealing with any or all of these issues to get yourself into rehab.  The potential payoff from staying sober is too big not to invest in it.

There are a number of advantages to going to rehab over other methods of treatment.  If you just go to AA meetings or try to quit drinking by seeing an outpatient counselor, you are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to quitting.  Actually getting detoxed from the alcohol physically is a big challenge for many people, and can be potentially dangerous without medical help.  Combine that with the constant temptation of relapse, and you have a recipe for disaster.  At least with inpatient rehab, you are in a controlled environment in which alcohol is not readily available.  Just this fact alone is a huge part of getting past that first few weeks of sobriety.

Many alcoholics are scared to go to rehab. It is a scary move to make and this is especially true if they have any type of anxiety that they might have been self medicating by using the alcohol.  But understand that the rehab facility can probably help treat this anxiety without using addictive medications.  It is a big move to agree to go to treatment but the payoff is huge.

Every alcoholic underestimates how big the payoff is for sobriety. Every alcoholic underestimates how much better their life will get if they can find long term sobriety.  The difference in quality of life is absolutely huge.  The amount of health, money, and emotional distress that you will save from a lifetime of not drinking will be enormous.

Therefore, even if treatment costs you a fortune, it is definitely worth it.  Of course, if you spend lots of money on treatment and ultimately relapse right after leaving, then obviously it does not really seem like it is worth it.  But keep in mind that even a failed treatment episode might be a necessary step on the path to sobriety.  Most people have to go about 3 times to treatment before it finally “clicks” with them.

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