How to Use Inpatient Rehab to Overcome the Physiological and Physical Dependence...

How to Use Inpatient Rehab to Overcome the Physiological and Physical Dependence on Alcohol and Drugs


So how does the alcoholic or drug addict actually overcome the physiological and physical dependence on alcohol and other drugs?  How do they get past the crushing need to use their drug of choice in order to function properly from day to day?

How do they move past dependence on chemicals safely?

The best way, in my opinion, is for them to call up a local treatment center and get themselves checked in to a detox facility.  This is by far the best way to overcome most physical dependencies on drugs or alcohol.  There are certainly other options available to the struggling addict: for example, they might go see their doctor, and ask the doctor if there are any medications that might help them to overcome their alcohol dependence.  This is actually a horrible solution in most cases because many doctors will actually prescribe an addictive form of medication to try to “help” with this.

Or another example might be to try to detox cold turkey on the living room couch, with no medical supervision whatsoever and no medical help or assistance.  This, too, is generally a terrible idea.  Most people do not have the support systems in place to make a recovery like this work anyway.

Another example of something that people might try is to go to the emergency room.  Perhaps they have stopped using their drug of choice already and the withdrawal symptoms are starting to become overwhelming to them or even dangerous.  Quite honestly, at this point, it is almost a better idea to make an appointment at a detox treatment center and then keep using your drug of choice until you get there, rather than to tough it out and try to get yourself patched up temporarily at the ER.  Why?  Because the emergency room cannot really get you safely through withdrawal, in many cases, and all they can do there is give you some quick pills and send you on your way.  They are not equipped to deal with addiction or withdrawal and therefore it is a second rate solution.  Try to avoid it unless you are already experiencing dangerous withdrawal symptoms (and in that case, it almost makes more sense to go back to using until you can get into a rehab).

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So the best idea is to go to drug rehab or an alcohol addiction treatment center.  This is by far the best solution and if you are truly sick and tired of using your drug of choice and being caught up in an endless cycle of addiction then you would do well to seek professional treatment services.

Many addicts and alcoholics argue that they cannot go to drug and alcohol rehab.  They have lots of excuses as to why they cannot take a break from their life and attend inpatient treatment, such as:

1) It costs to much money to go to rehab – This is nonsense in most cases because of 2 major factors.  One is that the vast majority of people who attend treatment are either insured or they receive some sort of funding through their government to help pay for the treatment.  Very few people end up paying cash out of pocket to go to rehab.  Some do pay cash of course, and treatment is not cheap.  However, the second major factor is that even if you pay a ton of cash to get clean and sober, it is still the bargain of a lifetime.  This is because you will save thousands and thousands of dollars over the next few years and get your entire life back in countless ways if you actually follow through and stay sober.  When rehab works, it is dirt cheap….regardless of the price.  This is because the payoff is infinite.

2) I can’t leave my family unattended – More nonsense.  Your family is well aware of your addiction and THEY put up with it already.  You are not as important as you think to the functioning of your surroundings.  What if you died suddenly?  Life would go on.  And so it will be if you check into rehab for a few weeks.  Get over yourself.  They need you sober, and they can wait.

3) It won’t work for me and I will relapse – Possibly true, but not a valid excuse at all.  This is simply a cop out, a decision to continue to self medicate with drugs and alcohol.  If nothing changes then nothing changes.  At some point, you gotta take action and push yourself to change  your life.  It will never be easy.  It will never be the perfect time.  It will always be hard, it will always be a challenge, and it will probably be the hardest thing  you have ever done in your entire life.

But guess what?  Do it anyway. Because it’s worth it.  Recovery is worth it.


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