How to Stop Drinking – A Visual Guide

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The following visual guide is part of the full How To Stop Drinking Article

How to Stop Drinking - Visual Guide

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  • xolela


  • Kurtis

    You see, I’m a visual learner. So, this ‘visual guide’ really helped me. I refer to this from time to time and it’s the imagery that sticks with me …for days.
    I especially like Strategy #10 Embrase Gratitude.
    Thank you.

  • Andy’s Angel

    Thank you!

    I am finally ready to recover as I have someone wonderful in my life who has taught me to love my self again.

    Fear can stop you loving, Love can stop your fear!

  • johannes ntombela

    im one who very seek help for alcohol abuse i do not like to drink now but i cant help in good relation but with alcohol i can see it will end as soon as please help me on that and god will help you

  • manjari

    hw to stop drinking please help me out for godsake

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