How to Stay Off Alcohol

How to Stay Off Alcohol


Do you want to know how to stay off alcohol?  This is an age old question that will never have a simple and easy answer for everyone because the truth is going to be a bit different for every person.  There are of course programs out there that attempt to help people recover from alcoholism but they are subjective at times and open to interpretation and so we all basically have to find our own path.

When we first get clean and sober we are thrashing around a bit wildly and trying to figure out how to stay sober without driving ourselves nuts.  This is not always easy to do and that is why many people fail at it and go back to drinking.  You essentially have to strike a balance between asking for help and taking suggestions from people, but also in finding your own path and making your recovery your own.

Now if you are just deciding to get sober is that the right time to “make your recovery your own?”  No it is not.  That is the time to ask for help and take suggestions. When you are established in recovery you can start seeking and searching for your own path in sobriety and possibly fine tune the things that will work good for you.  But in the beginning my recommendation is for you to get humble and ask for help and then listen up and take some suggestions.  Take action based on what people tell you to do in early recovery.  Don’t just nod your head and say “oh that’s a nice program of recovery, I’m sure that works great for a lot of people.”  You need to grab a hold of whatever they are suggesting to you and do it with all the passion and enthusiasm that you can muster.

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Eventually you will find your footing in recovery and at some point you no longer need to be told what to do. At this point you have experienced tremendous growth and you will have taken a lot of positive action in your recovery.  The key at this point is to reach out and help others with continuous action every day.  It does you no good to slow down and think that you are “cured” in recovery.  If you can find a way to work with others in recovery every day then you will be successful in long term sobriety.

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What insurance do you have against drinking?  Most people just work a basic program and do not delve too deeply into it and just sort of do the bare minimum that is required in order to stay sober. This is a recipe for disaster and if you want to reap the true benefits of recovery then you have to take action every day.

Get more aggressive with your recovery efforts by figuring out what your biggest goal in your life should be.  What would have the greatest positive impact on your life?  Go and do that.  Do it for all you are worth.  Then, find another goal.  This is the path to growth in recovery.


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