How to Get Your Husband or Wife to Stop Drinking or Using...

How to Get Your Husband or Wife to Stop Drinking or Using Drugs or Alcohol


Are you looking to know how to get your husband or wife to stop drinking or using drugs or alcohol?  This is not an easy task to accomplish and perhaps the first thing that you need to realize is that the most you can do here is to make an effort at helping someone, you cannot do it for them.

You can not force someone to stop.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are a form of self destruction and there is no way to get someone to stop from self destructing.  If they want to do so then they will do so.  We can beg and plead and make ultimatums but in the end if they want to destroy themselves through substance abuse then there is not much we can do but stand by and watch.  Now that is of course the worst case scenario and we want to be supportive and try to offer help and get them to change.  We can still try and make an effort, but realize that there is no magic wand for this stuff.

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The first thing you need to do is to go to an Al-anon meeting. This is seriously the most important thing you could do.  If you stop reading this right now and just go find an Al-anon meeting, you will be further ahead then 99 percent of the people who are in your same situation and trying to deal with an alcoholic spouse. Seriously, get yourself to an Al-anon meeting and share your situation with the people there and tell them that this is your first meeting.  The support, guidance, and advice that you get from them will be far more than any research on the internet can give you.  So take this as the strongest suggestion that you will hear all day and make it a point to follow through with it.  If you want to see progress, change, and good things happen in your relationship with an addict or an alcoholic, then go get to an Al-anon meeting.

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Beyond that there is not a whole lot to be said or done.  You need to learn some things about how to deal with an addicted spouse and the biggest thing is to stop enabling them. We do that in more ways than what are first obvious so it is important that you learn more about it.  Codependency can be a tricky thing so you need to get more information so that you are living in the right way so as to encourage change in the addict.


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