How to Drink NO Alcohol

How to Drink NO Alcohol


Someone wants to learn how to drink no alcohol.  First question needed breaks down the situation:

1) Are they a problem drinker?

2) Are they a straight up alcoholic?

3) Are they perfectly normal as far as dependence issues go, but still want to abstain for other reasons?

If you fall into the third category then you don’t need a website to help you drink no alcohol.  What you need is to just go about your business and politely decline any and all drinks.

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Now if you are in the first or second category, then that is another story.

Basically, anyone who is in this position needs to get serious with themselves and brush away all their excuses, then make a commitment.  Can they control their impulses and abstain when they want to?  Do they have the necessary willpower to say “no” when they need to?  Are they struggling to abstain from alcohol and growing resentment with each passing day as they deny themselves the pleasure of drinking?

If this is the case then they may need help.  A “problem drinker” may need some counseling or light therapy in order to abstain.  If this is the case with you then that is great, go see a therapist and get your drinking under control and go on about your life.

But if you find that this does not work out in the long run then it is very possible that you are addicted to alcohol.  Fine.  Abstinence is the best path forward, as attempts at moderation only end in disaster.

If you want to abstain from alcohol, then what you need to do is to actually abstain from it, and adjust your strategy if you fail.

So if you find yourself “relapsing,” then you need to get help.  You need more help.  You can’t do it alone.  You need to ask for help.  Simple as that.

How much help you need will depend on your unique situation.  As noted, maybe you just need to talk with a therapist once a week.  Or, maybe you need to live in long term rehab for a few years.  There is a wide range of help out there for problem drinking and for alcoholism, and it comes in many different forms.

Maybe you just need a few 12 step meetings each week.  Or maybe you just need to find new friends to hang out with, and you really don’t need a “recovery program” at all.

The bottom line is this: start with abstinence as your baseline, and if you deviate from that, then force yourself to get more help than what you have previously had.  Keep doing this until you can maintain abstinence.

For me, that meant–eventually–living in long term treatment.  Up until that point, nothing worked for me, and I stayed stuck in denial through a million different forms of therapy.

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