How to Detox Your Body from Drugs and Alcohol

How to Detox Your Body from Drugs and Alcohol


If you want to know how to detox your body from drugs and alcohol, then here is what you should do.  The first thing that will be most beneficial for most addicts or alcoholics is for them to go to a drug rehab center where they have a full medical detox area.  Now of course this can be expensive and not everyone has insurance or Medicaid or a big wad of cash to be able to just up and go to rehab.  If you are serious about quitting though you should at least make some calls to the local treatment centers and find out what detox would cost you or what your options are.  Some people can go to detox for cheaper than they thought or even for free.  It pays to inquire.

The basic idea behind detox from most any drug, including alcohol, is that you stop putting the drug into your body and then try to get the person stabilized. In the case of alcohol and some drugs such as Benzos, this can require the use of medication at times. The use of medication for detox is not necessarily a bad thing, if it is being done under the care of medical staff and ordered by doctors.  They can then take you off the medication slowly and thus get you drug free in less than a week.  In some cases it may take anywhere from about 3 to 10 days to really get someone fully detoxed.  Sometimes, with certain opiate drugs such as methadone, it might take closer to 10 days rather than 3 days, simply because certain drugs stay in the body longer than others.

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Now you can help the process along by doing a couple of common sense things.  One is to drink lots of fluids, and nearly every drug rehab will encourage you to drink lots of water when you first get in.  This is just good practice in general and your body will need the extra fluids in order to flush out all of the drugs.

In addition to this, you should get extra rest if you can, and thus you will see many detox units encouraging people to sleep as much as possible while they are in detox.  Why not?  It just makes sense that if the body needs to heal and flush itself out, that it can do so more efficiently if you devote all of your energy to healing.  If you are up on your feet all day running around then you are not using all of  your available energy for healing and cleansing the body.  Thus, those who rest during detox will detox much faster.

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