How to Detox from Alcohol

How to Detox from Alcohol


If you want to know how to detox from alcohol then here is what you should do.  Start by calling up local drug and alcohol treatment centers and see if you can secure funding to go to rehab and get properly detoxed.  This is by far the best course of action for any struggling alcoholic. Here is why:

1) Safe detox – detoxing from alcohol is very dangerous in some cases and people can have seizures and even die from not taking a drink.  Yes it is that serious, so if you get the shakes at all when you go without drinking then you really need medical supervision for your alcohol withdrawal.  The best place to do this is in a detox center at a drug or alcohol rehab, because there they specialize in that sort of thing.  They can give you medication while you are detoxing that will help to insure your safety and also help you to not feel as sick from the withdrawal.  Not everyone needs a medically supervised detox from booze but many people who are addicted to alcohol will need it, and there are other benefits to going this route even if you do not need the supervised detox.

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2) Group support – you can’t quit drinking on your own.  If you could, you would have done so by now, right?  The fact is that alcoholics need help in order to quit drinking and change their life.  Going to detox in a rehab setting will get you this help in a number of ways.  First of all  you will have a peer group there in rehab with you who is trying to do the same thing that you are.  Second, you will expert support from counselors and therapists who are trained to help you with specific issues you might have.  Third, the rehab can help set up professional after care for you so that you do not just leave the rehab and end up relapsing right away.

3) Reduced temptation – if you try to detox at home from alcohol then you are setting yourself up for a tough struggle, because the temptation to relapse will be so much greater than if you go to rehab.  At home, there might even be booze in the house, and you will know that you can run out to the store at any moment and get alcohol.  In rehab, you are removed from the possibility of immediate relapse, and this will go a long way in helping you to get through those first few weeks of sobriety.

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4) Professional help – now obviously there are counselors and therapists at any given rehab that can help you on your journey.  One way is by pairing you up with the right resources.  For example, when I was in short term residential treatment, my therapist got me into a long term rehab.  This was critical for my recovery because I had previously tried and failed a couple of times with short term treatment.  I needed more help, and having a therapist or counselor was the way to get me to the right resources.

Bottom line: go to rehab.  There are too many benefits to overlook.


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