How to Beat Alcoholism

How to Beat Alcoholism


If you want to know how to beat alcoholism then here is a basic strategy that has worked for many people.

First of all the alcoholic in question has to make a decision for themselves that they genuinely want to stop drinking.  Without this decision it is not likely that any of the rest of this process can be of any help.  They might go through the motions and appear to be making progress, but without this true level of surrender from the alcoholic, they are not going to remain abstinent for long.  The core decision is the “first step” in recovery.  Gotta be committed fully to making it work, or nothing will help.

Now even for people who are convinced that they have truly surrendered, many of them will fail to stay sober.  So there is more to recovery than just the concept of surrender. We need action.  And that is 99 percent of the solution right there.  Action.

Recovery is 1 percent surrender, and 99 percent follow through.  It’s all about action.

Now many people do not believe this.  They might say that they do, but in reality they think that there are magic programs out there that can create sobriety.  In other words, people believe that one program of recovery is better than another program of recovery.  Some will believe that the 12 step program is the ultimate answer, if only people would truly give it their all.  Or there are others who have become sober in a religious program, and they believe that is the ultimate answer, if only people would give it a chance.  Because, of course, it worked for them, right?

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In fact none of these programs mean a darn thing, and any of them will work just fine at keeping the alcoholic sober, if the alcoholic dedicates their life to the program.  The programs themselves are almost meaningless….anyone can suggest a workable program of recovery, people!  Just start with abstinence and then add whatever you like.  It works if you work it!  Duh, how could it not?  If the program is based on abstinence, of course it will work.

So the way to beat alcoholism is not by choosing the right program, as that is completely irrelevant.  There is no magic in any recovery program, just as there is no magic wand we can wave that will keep people sober if they really want to drink.  The only magic in recovery is when a person makes the decision to change their life and then follows that up with massive action every day.  That is the formula for success and that is how you beat alcoholism.

So by all means, choose a recovery program.  They all work.  But only if you work it.  (Duh!  This is so obvious, how did we ever miss it?)

The key is massive action.  If you want to change your life, you have to take massive action.


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