Home Alcohol Detox

Home Alcohol Detox


Many people are interested in knowing how to do a home alcohol detox process in order to quit drinking.  Before we dive into this topic, let me first state that no one should really try to detox from alcohol at home if they are truly addicted to alcohol, and should instead seek out medical supervision in order to do so.  I don’t recommend detoxing at home because it is dangerous.  Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal.

Of course, some people are still going to be stuck in a position where they simply cannot get medical treatment and must stay at home in order to detox themselves.  If this is the case then these are my suggestions:

1) Stop drinking alcohol and start drinking ice water.  Do not over do it with the water but make sure you stay good and hydrated for the next 3 to 5 days.

2) Stay on the couch.  The reason for this is because you might have a seizure.  You don’t want to be up fixing your roof during alcohol withdrawal.  Stay on the couch where it is safe.

Now nearly everyone says at this point “I”m not gonna have a seizure!  I’ve never had a seizure in my life!”  Folks, this is just really ignorant.  Many people who have never had a seizure before finally do have their first one as a result of alcohol withdrawal.  Detox from alcohol can cause seizures.  You are not immune to them, just because you have never had one before.

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Seriously, I cannot believe how many people have told me that they are not a seizure risk, and then they end up having a seizure.  Of course, I work in a detox center, but that is actually far worse, because all of those people were taking medications to try and prevent a seizure from occurring!  If you are at home on the couch you will have no such medication available to you, so your chance of a seizure is even higher.

3) If  you start to shake violently, go to the ER.  Or call a friend and tell them to get you to the ER.  They cannot refuse you treatment because it is a life threatening condition.

4) Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for headaches.  I would discourage the use of most any other medication for any reason.  If you have access to either benzodiazepines or Neurontin (Gabapentin) then you could actually use these medications to smooth out the detox process like they do in rehab, but this is probably pretty dangerous as well because you do not know the dosages or schedule to take the pills on.  Again, if the shaking gets bad enough, you should probably just go the emergency room.

5) Some will suggest sipping very small amounts of alcohol as a means to slowly detox.  This usually does not end well.  If you’re going to stop drinking then you should probably stop drinking.

The third day is the worst for alcohol withdrawal, typically.  It can last up to 5 days but usually will not go beyond that.

Remember, if in doubt, seek medical attention….regardless of the cost.  Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal!

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