3 Suggestions for Quick Help with Alcoholism

3 Suggestions for Quick Help with Alcoholism


Do you need help with alcoholism?  If so then here is a solid action plan that you should consider taking:

1) Call up local alcohol treatment centers or drug rehabs.

Find out what they charge and if you are covered under insurance or state funding.  In some cases, people can go to rehab for very cheap or even for free, depending on how they are funded and what their situation is.  You may qualify for rehab even if you do not think you do.  So it makes sense to call up a rehab and ask them what your options are.  They want your business so they will do what they can to see about getting you in there and getting you some help.

I suggest local rehab centers for a couple reasons.  One, it is cheaper than traveling out of state to a rehab that is far away.  Less complicated, less travel cost.  Two, it is better in terms of aftercare, as they can point you to local resources that you can use right after you walk out of treatment.  Three, it is easier to involve family in any family programs or counseling.  So it is possible to go to rehab far away, but for these reasons you should start your search locally.

2) Go to an AA meeting.

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Just get to a meeting.  Period.  Walk in the door and sit down.  Not much more is required of you at this point…if you can accomplish that much, then you are making real progress.

I tend to lean more towards an holistic addiction treatment model rather than a 12 step model of recovery, but there is no denying the help and support that you can get from the 12 step fellowship.  Just get to a meeting if you are struggling, and the people there will help you.  In fact, that is all they want to do, is help other alcoholics.  That’s their job.

3) Talk with a therapist or counselor.

If you are not quite ready for rehab, or you are convinced that you do not need it, then you might consider seeing a therapist, counselor, psychologist, or even a clergy member who can talk with you about your problem.  This is not so much a solution, but rather it is a step in the right direction.  People like this that you talk with can give you advice, guidance, and direction.  If you need more help then they can suggest that and encourage you to take further action.

Do one of these things.  Or, do all 3.  Whatever you do, take action.  Do something.

Otherwise, nothing changes.


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