Help for Alcoholism Can Come in Many Forms

Help for Alcoholism Can Come in Many Forms


There are several different ways to get help for alcoholism, and really the bottom line is that an alcoholic has to find a path that works for them.  This is a function of willingness, because the struggling alcoholic has to be willing to find a strategy in recovery that actually works to help keep them sober.  But the issue is deeper than that, and a bit more complex.  It is also a function of honesty, because if an alcoholic is not being completely honest with themselves, then they are not going to be able to do well with any recovery solution, no matter how well tailored to them it is.  A customized recovery solution that is absolutely perfect for an individual is actually quite useless if the person is still stuck in denial.

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What else is a factor in the chances of an alcoholic achieving recovery?  They say that the third major piece of the puzzle is open mindedness.  This is critical for a person to get started in recovery because basically, they have to be told a new way to live.  Whatever they have been doing has not been working for them.  Their solution for dealing with life has led them to the bottle.  Their best coping mechanism is to get loaded.  This is how they have learned to deal with reality.  In order to recover, they have to accept the fact that someone else has a better solution for them and a better way to live.  This is a huge blow to the ego and no one wants to admit that they need others ideas in order to live their life successfully.  No one wants to admit that they need to be told what to do in order to get a grip on their life.  But this is exactly the admission and level of surrender that is necessary in early recovery.

Of course there are different levels of help you can get for alcoholism, including inpatient alcohol treatment, outpatient group therapy, one on one counseling, and so on.  But these different options don’t necessarily have huge advantages over one another unless people have fully surrendered and hit rock bottom. If they are still in denial and still clinging to the idea of control, then it does not matter what type of treatment they receive…they are not going to make it.  Once they have fully surrendered to the idea that they cannot drink like a normal person, then they can choose almost any form of alcoholism help and start to build a new life for themselves.


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