Things You Learn When You Give Up Alcohol

Things You Learn When You Give Up Alcohol


What does it take to give up alcohol? How hard it is to do so for someone who is truly addicted? Is it possible to live a normal life again and really recover from alcoholism?

Will I ever be happy again?

Yes, you will find happiness again if you give up booze and learn how to live a new way of life without self medicating. Most addicts and alcoholics do not really believe that they will ever be happy again without being able to get drunk or high. This is perfectly understandable that addicts and alcoholics would think this way, because they are trapped in a cycle where their only way to have fun is to be intoxicated. If they are not drunk or high, then they are obsessing over when they can get messed up and how they are going to do it. So they have trained themselves to only seek happiness in being drunk. Of course they are going to look dismally on the idea of sobriety. Most do not think that happiness in sobriety is ever going to be possible for them.

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Because of this, giving up alcohol is a leap of faith.

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There is a point of surrender that they talk about in recovery, and this concept is very real, and very important. If the alcoholic is still struggling to control things, if they are still trying to dictate how they will run their own life and how they should get help for their problem, then they have not truly surrendered to their disease and they are not ready for real change.

It is only after they have been broken down to a certain point and completely beaten by alcohol that they will allow themselves to be helped. Struggling to control their drinking is a sign that they are still in denial. They might admit to having a problem, but this is still denial…because of their actions. They are saying one thing and then behaving differently. They say that they have a problem, but they are not willing to accept someone else’s solution for it. This is what ultimately has to happen for them to give up drinking: they have to take advice from others about how to live their life. It is a very humbling experience to have to admit that you do not know how to live. Yet this is what is required in order to overcome alcoholism.

If you do decide to give up the booze, here is what you can expect if you stick it out:

* You will know a new happiness in life that you did not think was possible before, because you thought that you could only be happy while intoxicated or on drugs.

* You will learn to appreciate the simple things in life again, and derive pleasure from things that are not destructive to you like addiction was.

* You will save time, money, and mental energy no longer obsessing over a chemical that did not really serve you well anyway.

No one can predict ahead of time how much their life will change for the better when they stop drinking.  It is only in retrospect that you realize the true scope of the benefits.  That is what makes it a leap of faith.

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