Are there Suitable Drugs for Alcoholism Treatment?

Are there Suitable Drugs for Alcoholism Treatment?


Are there any drugs for alcoholism that are approved and effective?  There are a couple and they might be able to help you to recover if you combine them with other forms of treatment.

One such drug is Campral.  This drug is taken every day and it helps to control cravings for alcohol.  In some studies it was proven to help as opposed to a placebo.

Another drug is naltrexone, which is sold as an injectable drug under the brand name of Vivitrol.  This can help with cravings as well.

Then there is Antabuse, which is a drug that is taken every day and will make the alcoholic violently ill if they drink alcohol while taking it.  Thus it is merely a deterrent type mechanism and does not actually do anything to reduce cravings.

Those are the basic options for alcoholism drugs, and all of the literature and studies point out that they are most effective when combined with other sorts of treatment and therapy.  In other words, none of them are a magic pill and none of them will produce great results if they are taken as they only form of treatment against the disease.  They work best in combination with other treatment strategies.

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If you are interested in taking drugs to help with your alcoholism then you should definitely talk with your doctor about it as an option.  Better yet though make it one step on a long list of action that you are determined to take in solving your problem with alcohol addiction.  Don’t just research a medication that can help you and stop at that.  This will lead to relapse eventually if you do not follow through and do a lot more in order to help with your problem.  Taking a pill every day is just a small part of what is gong to be needed to overcome alcoholism in the long run.

For example, you might start by going to a residential treatment program and learning about drug and alcohol addiction in the groups there.  Or you might go to a counselor or a therapist in an effort to start making progress on your recovery.  Or you might start going to 12 step meetings every day and interacting with other alcoholics and helping each other.  All of these are good ideas if you really want to stay sober in the long run and at least some level of action is going to be necessary to supplement any medication you are taking.  The best approach is to take several recovery methods and combine them for a holistic approach.  Use all the resources you can and you will increase your chances of staying sober.

Sometimes taking a pill for alcoholism can be a bit of a negative thing though because:

1) Alcoholics have a tendency to take the easier, softer way.

2) Those who rely on a pill will not always put forth the effort needed to stay sober anyway.

3) Relying too heavily on one recovery strategy can weaken your recovery as a whole, because you will neglect other possibilities for growth.


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