Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Requires a Long Term Fix

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Requires a Long Term Fix


The fact is that drugs and alcohol abuse can combine to make addictions a lot worse in an individual.  Anyone who is abusing multiple drugs (with alcohol being a drug, of course) needs to take a serious look at the idea that they should get some help for their problem.

Rehab is a good place to start with something like this and the bottom line is that a person has to take serious action if they want to get better.  In fact, rehab is just one possible action that a person can take but it has the potential to set things up for success.  Looking at the recovery rates and the success rates of treatment, however, rehab is by no means a magic path to recovery, and should never be treated as such.  The fact is that real work is necessary in order to achieve lasting recovery.

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Many people have a distorted view of rehab and how it should work in their life.  They believe that it is basically a quick fix, and many people use rehab as such.  In fact, many people will return to rehab, over and over again, every couple of months.  They may have every intention of trying to stop their drug and alcohol abuse forever, but deep down they have a problem with their mindset in that they are viewing rehab as a quick fix.

Overcoming alcohol and drug abuse is anything but a quick fix.  Rehab is just a minor starting point in a long process of lifelong healing.  In fact, staying at a 28 day program is like a tiny blip on the map when it comes to your overall recovery journey. It can be helpful to go to rehab, yes…but it is almost insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  Years later (if you stay clean and sober) you will look back and see that the real growth occurred only after you left rehab, and maybe only about 1 percent of your learning and knowledge came from your days in treatment.  It is like an insignificant little speck of experience, whereas you overall growth in recovery outside of rehab, in the “real world,” is what really matters.

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As such, you should put treatment for alcohol and drug addiction into the proper perspective, and realize that there is no quick fix, and that real recovery is an ongoing process that only begins when you walk out of the doors of rehab.

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