Typically You Do Not Get What You Pay for at a Drug...

Typically You Do Not Get What You Pay for at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center


Are you or someone you know in need of a drug and alcohol treatment center?  If so then you should get on the phone and call around to local treatment centers to see what your options are.  This is the best method of finding and getting help.

It makes sense to look locally.  There is no advantage to traveling far away to some exotic treatment center.  They do not have special methods or better success rates.  They might claim that they do, but they do not.  You cannot get better results in rehab by paying more money.

That bears repeating: you cannot get better treatment for addiction by paying more money to someone. It has no bearing on the outcome.  You would do just as well to go to a drug rehab that is completely free and part of a homeless shelter, as you would by going to a luxury treatment resort that gives you your own personal chef.

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This runs contrary to what most of us have experienced in other areas of our lives.  We are used to being able to pay top dollar to get better results. This works in most any industry.  But trust me, it does not work when it comes to rehab.  What you pay for treatment services has no bearing on the outcomes.  The cost of rehab does not equate to better outcomes.  It just doesn’t.

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So this information should help guide you in selecting a treatment center.  You should look for the closest and cheapest place to your home.  There is no need to travel far and wide searching for just the right place.  It does not exist.  “Just the right place” is actually the willingness of the alcoholic or addict.  If they are willing, then treatment will work.  If they are hanging on to a piece of denial, then treatment will fail.  It is as simple as that.

The level of surrender is the best predictor of sobriety. If someone has surrendered with their entire self, and is willing to dedicate their whole life to staying sober, then you have someone who is very likely to stay clean and sober for a long, long time.  They have the conviction and the willingness to put any program into action and make it work in their life.  But if the person has any bit of reluctance about working a program, then they are not as likely to stay clean and sober, regardless of what type of treatment they receive.

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