Drug and Alcohol Testing Kits Become More Prevalent

Drug and Alcohol Testing Kits Become More Prevalent


Taking a drug and alcohol test is becoming more popular these days as employers, parents and others seek information about the use of alcohol and other drugs by people in their organizations. This has encouraged a number of new products to flood the market. Some of these products mask the presence of drugs while others offer a fast and relatively inexpensive way to detect their presence in the systems of people close to us.

The use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs has grown to almost epidemic proportions. High school and middle school teachers complain about the rampant use of drugs among students. Employers worry that employees with highly sensitive or important positions, may be using drugs. In order to get a handle on this drug epidemic, parents and employers are are beginning more and more to have the people around them tested.

This push for increased testing has created a new industries that have seemingly popped up overnight, drug testing centers. They are being built or organized by drug rehab centers to serve the burgeoning number of people required to take a drug tests. New employees, people under the control of the criminal justice system and now students need drug tests and these new and growing centers are only glad to oblige-for a price.

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Another group of people who are clamoring for drug test are parents. Parents today face many uncertainties about their children’s lifestyles, and they want to know the truth. Parenting advocates call on parents to take a more active role in the lives of their children. The massacre at Columbine High School, the rise in violence among teens and the easy access to drugs, sex, and weapons the internet provides have driven many parents to begin searching the rooms and now the internal systems of the children to find out exactly what they are involved in.

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This has given rise to a new product: the self test kit. You can go to the drug store, buy the test, and test the urine of anyone to see what is in their system. Such test kits have empowered many parents and frightened many drug abusers. Some people see it as a blessing. They are able to test themselves before they go and give urine for an employer. Others see these tests as an invasion of privacy.

Which ever way you feel about it, drug and alcohol testing is here to stay. Employers and parents love it while troubled teens and clandestine drug users hate it. Everyone has to accept it and adjust their behavior. It’s a new world.

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