Why Action is Critical for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Why Action is Critical for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation


The key to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is to take a massive amount of action in early recovery, and then continue to push yourself toward holistic growth as you continue to stay clean and sober in recovery.  What does this mean in real life?  It means that:

* Those who make a weak effort in early recovery and simply hit a few meetings here and there are destined to relapse.

* Those who pay lip service in recovery and simply recite all the cliches and popular recovery catch phrases but do not actually dig down into the 12 steps are destined for failure.

* Those who talk a good game in recovery and say what people want to hear in meetings but do not follow through with real action in their life are bound to screw up and relapse eventually.

Basically, it means that the only path to real recovery from addiction is in taking real positive action on a regular basis.

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Recovery is all about change. Rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction is all about creating change on a massive scale.  Those who are caught up in a cycle of addiction need to have a huge amount of change in their lives.  It is not enough to just stop using for a few weeks and hit a few 12 step meetings.  This is not a formula for lasting change (though it may be a start).

Instead, what really rehabilitates people from drug addiction is the formation of a new life created out of positive habits.  Instead of hitting the bar, they go to a meeting, every single day.  Instead of smoking a joint, they exercise.  Instead of hanging out with their old using buddies, they call their sponsor and meet up with them.  These are the types of changes that have to happen, but on a massive scale.  Meaning, every single day, in every single situation.

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is an either or proposition.  Either you are recovering fully or you are sliding toward relapse.  Fast.  It is one or the other.  People who have relapsed can look back and easily see when they were screwing up.  It is either all positive growth, or it is negative denial and fear running your life.  It is never both at the same time.

Thus the path to alcohol and drug rehabilitation is pretty clearly defined.  It is a path of positive action on a daily basis, and it takes real work.  Very few will actually pursue it to a new life in recovery.

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