Taking Massive Action at a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Taking Massive Action at a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center


The primary benefit of going to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is that the addict or alcoholic is in a protected environment where they can establish a baseline of sobriety.  Medical detox can insure that they are safely brought down from whatever chemicals they have in their body, and a strictly controlled environment can insure that they do not use any substances or chemicals while they are in rehab.  This is the primary benefit of inpatient treatment, and it is the baseline of success that a recovering addict needs in order to start a new life in recovery.

Unfortunately, many addicts and alcoholics who leave rehab centers such as this go right back into the same environment that they came from, and will face lots of temptation to use their drug of choice.  This is where the recovery effort must come into play if the addict is going to have any chance at staying clean and sober.  Major changes must occur on a number of different levels.  Where the person goes, who they hang around with, what they do with their time and money, and how they deal with problems and stress throughout the day–all of these plays into their chances of success in recovery.

The drug addict or alcoholic is used to using drugs and alcohol.  It is their default mode.  It is easy for them to use drugs.  It is automatic.  It has become natural.  So if they leave rehab, and encounter a great deal of stress or a major problem in their life (as everyone inevitably will at some point), then it is easiest for the drug addict to simply medicate the problem with drugs.  This is the easy route.  It is what an addict is born to do.  It comes naturally.

In order to stay clean and sober, a great deal of change must occur in order to overcome this tendency.  Massive action is required in order to establish new habits and new ways of coping with life.  This does not happen overnight and it does not come easily.  It takes work, effort, persistence, and so on.

What does massive action consist of?  Here are 2 examples, though your path in recovery may be different:

1) 12 step program immersion – if you devote your life to 12 step recovery, doing multiple meetings every day, full involvement with the fellowship, active sponsorship, etc.  This is one path in recovery that may work for some people.  It requires massive effort every single day.

2) Long term rehab – living in long term treatment for a long time.  This would consist of lots of recovery activities every single day, and a lot of extra accountability due to living in rehab.  Again, this is a path of massive action.

Don’t just go to rehab.  Go to rehab and go big.  This is the key to success.  Take massive action.