Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment


Anyone who is struggling with addiction should consider going to drug and alcohol abuse treatment.  It is a big step to go accept the fact that you need help for your problem, but getting treatment can be a huge opportunity for a person if they are willing to get honest with themselves about it.

Fear is a huge part of what holds us back from getting help.  What can a person expect when seeking out drug and alcohol treatment?  Here are some of the things that you might encounter if you decide to ask for help:

1) Drug and alcohol abuse counseling treatment – you might end up seeing  a therapist or a counselor on a regular basis, someone who sits and talks with you about your problems.  This can be a useful solution for some people but in extreme cases it will not be enough to provide real help from addiction.  In other words, if you are hooked on drugs and alcohol and need serious help, then you need more than what a counselor or a therapist can provide (at least initially).  Keep reading for more intensive forms of treatment.

2) Drug and alcohol abuse rehab – you might need to check into an inpatient rehab center.  This is where you would stay overnight for a few weeks and probably go through a medical detox as well.  During the day you would attend various groups, go to meetings, and also talk with counselors and therapists (see how this is more intensive, and includes the previous solution of counseling within it?).  This is probably a good path of treatment for most people who are struggling to get clean and sober.

3) Long term drug and alcohol abuse treatment – if you go to short term inpatient treatment and find yourself relapsing after you leave, then you need more help.  This is especially true if you have gone to short term rehab several times already.  Going to long term rehab is similar to short term inpatient treatment, only you stay there for a much longer period of time.  Because of this, you might also have access to even more resources than what you had before.  Counseling, meetings, group therapy, and so on–it will all be accessible during a long stay at rehab.  Thus, this is the most intensive solution and has the potential to produce the best results for most people.  However, most people do not properly commit to long term rehab and do not always take advantage of the program that is offered.

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