Putting in Effort at a Drug Alcohol Treatment Center

Putting in Effort at a Drug Alcohol Treatment Center


Any addict or alcoholic who is struggling with addiction should try to go to a drug alcohol treatment center as their first line of defense against their addiction.  There are a couple of reasons that inpatient treatment centers are most beneficial for struggling addicts.  Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities when it comes to getting the best care and turning your life around when attending a private alcohol rehab.

First of all, you have to take a big amount of action if you are going to turn your life around and stay clean and sober, so going to an inpatient rehab facility is a huge first step.  Most people will never get up the courage to take the plunge and attend rehab like this, so doing so is a very positive first step.  There is a lot more to recovery, of course, then simply getting through rehab, but it is a very good first step for just about any addict or alcoholic.  It is a sign of willingness and of progress.  If someone is not even willing to attend a rehab, then you can be pretty much sure that they are still stuck in denial and that they are clinging to control of their life.  They are not ready to surrender to addiction and start taking steps towards recovery.

Now if someone is willing to go to rehab, then that is a great step and they will likely check in, absorb all the knowledge, and then leave rehab after a short stay.  The question is: what are they going to do for aftercare, and what are their chances of staying clean and sober in the long run? This is the million dollar question.  Does rehab work?  Does it work for you?

The answer is going to be rather frightening, because most people actually do not stay clean and sober. But some do, and we would do well to focus on their example.  What do the winners do in early recovery that the relapsers miss?

It is quite simple.  The answer is massive action. Those who leave an alcohol drug treatment center and follow up with massive action are the ones who stay clean.  Those who just make a weak effort at following up with their aftercare plan are the ones who relapse.  Almost nobody wants to actually put in the huge amount of effort required to stay clean at first.  Most people have to fail several times before they realize what is required to build a new life.  It takes a ton of work.

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Are you willing to put in the effort?

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