Getting the Most from a Drug Alcohol Rehab Experience

Getting the Most from a Drug Alcohol Rehab Experience


Once a struggling addict or alcoholic becomes willing and ready to do something about their problem, their best bet is generally going to be to check into drug alcohol rehab of some sort.  This would typically include both a medical detox and also a residential portion of treatment.  Some people might even go on to long term rehab where they stay in treatment for many months.  Others might leave treatment and do counseling, outpatient treatment, or simply attend 12 step meetings.  Different forms of aftercare might be assigned to different people based on unique situations.

Getting the most out of alcohol drug rehab

Some people are under the false impression that just going to rehab can somehow “cure” them.  In fact there is no cure for addiction or alcoholism and the bottom line is that getting past these conditions is a lot of hard work.  In fact there really is no “getting past” the conditions at all–they will be with the addict forever.  All we can hope to do is arrest the disease and live clean and sober while enjoying continuous growth.  If the addict in question is not continuously making progress in recovery, then they have a good chance of screwing up and reverting back to using drugs and alcohol.  This is known as relapse and is unfortunately all too common.

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One of the ways to avoid relapse is to take every suggestion that they give you in rehab and apply it in your life as best you can.  This means that if they suggest going to 90 meetings in 90 days following treatment, you should do it.  It also means that if they suggest living in long term rehab, you should do that too.  Most people underestimate the amount of effort that it takes to stay clean and sober and so when they leave rehab they do not apply themselves enough in order to be successful.  Thus, most people end up relapsing because they simply do not try hard enough.  It is not a failure of their approach so much, but only in the intensity of their approach.

The real secret to success

Rehab itself is just a platform to help you in the early stages of sobriety.  Recovery lasts for a long, long time.  The real challenge comes when you leave rehab.  Those who do best are those who take the initiative to create a new life for themselves in recovery.  If you depend on others to keep you clean and sober then you will have problems.  Apply yourself and dedicate your whole life to recovery–this is the level of conviction that is needed for success in staying clean.

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