The Critical Goals of Any Drug Alcohol Rehab Program

The Critical Goals of Any Drug Alcohol Rehab Program

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A good drug alcohol rehab program is basically going to help addicts and alcoholics in 2 ways:

1) Provide short term stability so that they can get detoxed and get straight.

2) Educate them about how to live in recovery and avoid relapse.

These two goals are usually carried out over the period of a few weeks in a residential treatment setting.  The first part is pretty obvious, and most drug rehab programs follow the same pattern when giving short term care to addicts: they have medical detox unit, they have drug and alcohol free facility, and so on.  This part is pretty much universal and people who go to various treatment centers are all going to get pretty much the same basic detox experience.

Now the education part leaves quite a bit of room for differences.  There are groups, lectures, 12 step meetings, and so on.  In fact, while most treatment centers are 12 step based, a handful use a different treatment method entirely.  So there are definitely differences out there among different drug alcohol rehab programs.

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But here is the thing: it doesn’t really matter.

That’s right.  The program itself does not really matter. It doesn’t make  bit of difference in the long run.  There is no magic formula for success, not even the 12 steps really have a claim on that.  And if they did, it’s not much of a formula, because the success rates are downright lousy.  Now this is not said to bash AA, or to bash any other program, because the bottom line is that all of them work for people who take massive action and make them work.  There is not magic in any of them.  Any program that is based on abstinence will work just fine if you put 100% of your effort into it.  Positive action and a general support system are enough to make this into a reality following detox.  It’s not in the methods, it’s in the footwork.  It’s not the exact recovery strategy, it is the application thereof.  In other words, recovery strategies and philosophies and modalities are all completely useless, unless you apply them in your life.  Then, and only then, can they work wonders and help you to discover a new life for yourself in recovery.

So find a program and take action.  Put your greatest effort into it and don’t look back.  It matters little what program it is or what the principles of it are.  You will recover if you focus on taking positive action every day.

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