Drinking Addiction

Drinking Addiction


If you have a drinking addiction then you should consider going to rehab in order to turn your life around.  Getting sober at rehab is of course just the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot of growth to experience after that.  Most people believe that rehab is a solution to their drinking problem but in fact all rehab does is to point you in the general direction of a solution.

In most cases, if you go to rehab for an addiction to drinking, they are simply going to dry you out and get you introduced to AA meetings.  This is the basic function of rehab these days and the stuff that goes along with it is sort of extraneous.  For example, they might hook you up with a counselor and give you some informative lectures and have you watch some videos while in rehab, but the bottom line is that they get you sober and physically detoxed, and then they point you in the direction of a 12 step program.  That’s it.

Now there are some variations out there, as not every drug rehab is 12 step based.  Some of them have other unique solutions and none of them work much better or worse than a 12 step program.  Sure there are success stories out there but studies have been done that show that there is no real advantage for the various treatment methods.  If you have nothing against the 12 step philosophy then you might as well just go with it, as it is widely available and the meetings are essentially free.

Now of course, not everyone is willing to go to AA and so they might seek a different solution.  If that is the case with you then that is perfectly fine, you can still get sober and live a new life in recovery.  But understand this: you are going to have to work for it.  The same is true in AA and it is equally true outside of AA: you have to put in a tremendous amount of effort in order to recover from alcoholism.

Essentially what needs to happen is that you need to concentrate on your recovery, every single day, for a very long time.  Period.

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That means if you have a full time job, and a family, and a bunch of other priorities in your life, then you are not going to stay sober unless you can push  most of that stuff aside for a while and focus on your recovery.  But you can still do this, even without AA, if you are willing to put in the effort.

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