Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Programs

Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Programs


There are a couple of different types of detoxification programs out there for drug and alcohol addiction but I would recommend that you stick with the traditional style of detox.  This is where you go into a typical drug rehab center and are under medical supervision.  They also give you certain medications to help you with your withdrawal symptoms and get you safely detoxed from whatever drugs you might have been on.  For example, if you are coming off of alcohol, they will give you medicine to help prevent shaking and seizures.  If you are coming off of heroin or opiates, then will give you medicine to keep you from getting extremely sick.

Now there are other types of detox programs out there but I do not recommend them as I have no experience with them.  I believe some of them involve a biophysical detox of some sort, such as by feeding the addict lots of fluids and lots of water and then having them sweat it out in a sauna.  This might work great or it might not; I really have no idea.  I just know that the traditional method of detox seems to work fairly well and it works quickly. I work in a detox center and pretty much everyone is out of detox and attending groups and lectures within about 3 to 5 days.  Almost no one ever needs more than 5 days of detox, regardless of how heavy their drug or alcohol use has been.

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The real issue is what the addict does when they get out of detox and eventually leave treatment.  It does not do a whole lot of good to go through a detox program if they are just going to end up relapsing once they get their freedom back on the outside.  Therefore the real emphasis needs to be on a recovery program and a new way of living.  There are various programs out there for this and one big one is the 12 step program.  Works for some people and not for others.  There is also the religious route if that works for you.  What is important is that the addict find some way to create a new life for themselves that they are excited about living.  If that is through a program then that is great.  If they simply build up this creative life on their own and take positive action every day then that is great too.  But you can be sure that whatever route they go, it is a tremendous amount of work and they cannot succeed at staying sober unless they put forth a tremendous effort.

So if you have struggled to get clean and sober, I strongly urge you to seek out professional help in the form of a medical detox.  Treatment is not the only answer out there but it is generally one of the most thorough and safest paths you can take.  For some, it is the only path that will save their life.  For others, it might just be a quick break before they relapse again.

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