If You Need Detox for Alcohol

If You Need Detox for Alcohol


If you need detox for alcohol then you should consider going to a drug rehab center or an alcohol treatment center.  It is true that you could detox from alcohol at home on your couch but this is a very poor choice due to a number of reasons.  The fact is that alcohol detox is actually pretty risky and can be life threatening, so you should seek medical treatment in order to be safe about it. Detoxing at home is dangerous and you will likely feel awful doing it.  Detoxing in treatment is much safer and they will be able to medicate you so that you are not so sick.

Some people get upset about the idea of using pills to help them with alcohol detox. This is a really stupid mindset and you need to get it out of your head if this is holding you back from getting sober.  You will be on some medication for about a week or less and then you will off the pills for good. The medication is necessary in order to have a safe detox from the alcohol and if you do this at a treatment center then you will not become addicted to the pills.  All medication that they use for alcohol detox is prescription only and you will not have access to these medications after you leave rehab anyway.

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Going to a rehab clinic for detox makes sense because you can get help for your alcoholism in other ways too.  If you are in rehab then after you go through detox you will probably start going to groups and meetings and lectures and so on.  If you want to stay sober and learn a new way to live your life then you should probably go and get involved with this stuff and hold on to as much of it as you can.  Most rehab facilities will also introduce you to the 12 step program and that can be a huge help to your sobriety as well.  Now there is nothing saying that you absolutely have to use AA in order to recover from alcoholism, but whatever solution you do choose to use for your recovery, you had better throw yourself into it with all of  your energy and make a full effort at it.

What you do after detox will determine whether or not you stay sober for a while, or end up relapsing right away.  Thus you need to take rehab seriously and make a commitment to yourself that you are going to follow through with it to the best of your ability.

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Those who do not follow through after their detox generally find themselves getting drunk again very soon.  Sometimes after a short stay in rehab we tend to feel pretty good as we wash the chemicals out of our bodies, and suddenly we get overconfident.  This can lead to a quick downfall if we are not careful and humble about our condition.  We have to remember that one tiny slip will send us back to square one with our addiction.

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