The Process of Detox From Alcohol

The Process of Detox From Alcohol


Anyone who is drinking heavily and on a consistent basis needs detox alcohol treatment of some sort.  The best way to do this is to go to a drug rehab or an alcohol treatment center in order to get properly detoxed in a safe way and under medical supervision.  Without this level of care, bad things can happen and people can have seizures and even die.  Take this seriously if you or someone you love is addicted to alcohol and get them the proper help that they need.

Detox from alcohol generally lasts for about 3 to 5 days. If you go to a treatment center they will give you medication that will help you get through it and treat your withdrawal symptoms.  The medicine that they give you will also help you with the shakes.  Some people are worried that if they take pills in order to detox from alcohol that they will end up getting hooked on the pills.  This is not anything to worry about as they will have you off of the pills by the time you leave rehab in most cases, and these days many treatment centers are using medicine that is not addictive to treat alcohol withdrawal.

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Now if  you go to a rehab and get detoxed from alcohol and then you end up leaving right away and drinking again then this does no good at all and is a complete waste.  There is only benefit to detox if  you can stay sober so the real trick is to follow up your trip to rehab with massive action.  Why do you need to take massive action?  Because if you don’t then you will drink again very quickly. The only way to prevent taking this drink is to work really, really hard at not drinking.  This requires massive amounts of action on your part.

What action should you take?  Well this can vary quite a bit but as long as the action is positive and is helping you to stay sober then it fits the criteria.  They rehab you attend will likely suggest the 12 step program and attending 12 step meetings.  This is fairly typical and if you follow these suggestions and pursue them with intensity and passion then you will have no problem staying sober.  Most people will only do so in a half hearted manner and end up relapsing though, then declare that those programs do not work.  In fact, any recovery program will work if you put your maximum effort into it.  The key is in taking action.

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