Designing the Best Recovery Program to Help You Overcome Alcoholism and Drug...

Designing the Best Recovery Program to Help You Overcome Alcoholism and Drug Addiction


How can you design the best recovery program for yourself in order to overcome drug addiction or alcoholism?

Let’s take a look.

First of all, many people out there are of the belief that you should NOT design your own program.  Their belief is that you should choose the program that THEY think is the best, and blindly follow that program in order to recovery from your addiction.  In most cases this program would be a 12 step program such as AA or NA, but some might also use religious based programs too.

At any rate, this is very common in the world of addiction recovery.  A person will have success with one method of staying clean and sober, and they will come to see this as the ONLY solution that could possibly work for anyone else, and they will then project this solution onto everyone.

Don’t fall for such a scam.  There are multiple ways to stay clean and sober.

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For example, consider the evidence that:

* Some people have found success in recovery through AA, and some through religious programs.

* Some people have found success in recovery through counseling and therapy, through a completely private process, without attending any groups or meetings at all.

* Some people have found success in recovery through a physical program of exercise, such as with Racing for Recovery, and they base their entire sobriety on physical exercise programs.  Yes, people do this and stay clean and sober, without resorting to group therapy, stepwork or medications.

* Some people have found success in recovery by using an holistic approach, one in which they push themselves to achieve personal growth in various areas of their lives.

There are examples out there, in the real world, of real people who are working a successful recovery using all of these techniques.  And there are examples beyond these as well.

People recover through various means.  This is a fact.

Now, given this evidence, and knowing that people find different ways to recover, why would you want to limit yourself to one program in recovery?

I will admit that in early recovery, having laser focus is important.  Sticking to one program might actually have some benefit in early recovery.

However, as you continue to stay clean and sober, sticking to a single program of recovery is a liability.  It limits you.  It limits your potential growth in recovery.

Branch out as you enter long term recovery.  This is how you design a long term recovery program that works for you.  This is how you live a successful life in recovery (you don’t necessarily have to call it a “program” at all.)

I would suggest in particular that you use goal setting as a tool to motivate yourself in long term recovery.  I try to always have at least:

1) One physical goal (run a marathon, set number of pushups each day, etc.)

2) One career goal (learn a new position at work, expand my online business, etc.)

3) One nutritional goal (stop drinking calories, eliminate carbs from one meal per day, etc.)

4) One relationship goal (work on a specific relationship in my life, improve an existing relationship, etc.)

So these are just some general directions that you might start out with, I am sure there are other categories as well.  The point is not to stagnate in your recovery and just be coasting.  If you always have a goal in at least a few of these areas, then you will always be making decent progress in your life, and avoiding the threat of relapse due to complacency.

Design your recovery program by pushing yourself to grow in long term recovery!


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