Defining a New Solution for Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

Defining a New Solution for Drug Addiction and Alcoholism


If traditional recovery has failed you in the past then it is time to try something different. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This goes for recovery programs as well. You can fault the individual for failing in spite of the program, but you can also fault the individual for not exploring other recovery strategies.

Just because one recovery program works for some other people does not make it the perfect, universal solution.

So what is the answer? Explore your options. Create your own life in recovery. You can still ask for help, receive guidance from others, and even have a sponsor if you go this route. But the emphasis is on creation and purposeful living.

“What is the creative theory of recovery?”

It is the idea that we are responsible for our new life in recovery and thus we are in charge of creating that new life. In order to do so we have to go beyond traditional recovery programs because they generally do not address this need for creation.

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The creative theory uses 3 strategies to push you towards creation. These should be emphasized in your recovery in the same order they are presented here (i.e., networking is important in early recovery, while holistic health becomes the focus in long term sobriety):

1) Networking with others in recovery

2) Push for personal growth

3) Emphasis on holistic health

If you implement these strategies into your life on a daily basis then you are going to get good results as far as your sobriety goes.

“What advantages does the creative life have over traditional recovery?”

There is a strong tendency with traditional recovery programs for addicts and alcoholics to get stuck in their recovery. They stop growing at some point. The number one offender in long term sobriety is from addicts who relapse due to complacency. The 3 strategies in the creative theory are designed to directly fight complacency by pushing the individual towards more growth.

“How does someone get started living the creative theory?” What actions should they take?

Start by implementing the basic strategies of health, growth, and networking in your life. Find a way to reach out and help others, preferably a way that utilizes your real talents and adds meaning to your life.

Find your purpose and turn it into a career goal. Start exercising every day and eliminate bad habits. Think holistically about your overall health and take steps to achieve balance in your life.

And, take your time with this approach. Early recovery is a time for concentrated effort when you can get the basics down. Most of this creative theory stuff is for living sober over the long term. In early recovery you need to focus on clawing your way through each day sober and simply learning how to make it through the day without using. This will consume all your efforts in early recovery.

As you progress, you can start thinking more and more about the creative theory. Eventually you must transition to creative living if you want to stay sober in the long run.

Creation is the cure for complacency.


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