Deciding Not to Drink is the Start of Your Recovery Journey

Deciding Not to Drink is the Start of Your Recovery Journey


Deciding not to drink is the critical step that you have to take in order to finally overcome your drinking problem.  For so long you have probably struggled instead to try to control your drinking and still enjoy it.  That is the tricky balance that the alcoholic can never fully achieve with any degree of consistency–controlling their alcohol intake while still enjoying their drinking.  It is always either one or the other.  Only on a rare day does the alcoholic get to do both.  The rest of the time they are either miserably sober or completely smashed.  That elusive in between state is just a fantasy that they feed themselves.

So making the decision not to drink is absolutely critical and if you are at this point then congratulate yourself.  You have surrendered to the disease of addiction and you are ready to change your whole life.  Now I am going to tell you the secret on how to follow up with this decision and turn your life around so that you can enjoy long term sobriety without falling victim to relapse.  The secret is massive action.

So many people get this wrong.  Even the people who are recovering from alcoholism and have been sober for many years get this wrong.  They are mistaken and they believe that whatever program got them sober is the secret to sobriety.  They are mistaken and I can prove it.

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There are many programs for recovery.  There are many programs that are designed to help you stay sober.  One program is the 12 step program of AA.  But there are other programs as well.  For example, there are many different religious based programs of recovery, and there are also some AA alternatives such as Rational Recovery and some other such clones.  Whatever.  It doesn’t matter.  Just realize that there are several different programs of recovery out there, and none of them (including AA) work all that great.  All of them have a very low rate of success.

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But here is the key: all of these various programs have success stories too.  Each unique program has people who are staying sober with it that can testify that their program works, if only you give it a chance.

Well, duh.  There is the secret right there.  You need to take massive action.  You need to dedicate your life to sobriety. The specific program you choose to follow is irrelevant. They are all abstinence based, so if you “work the program,” then you will stay sober.  It is that simple.

The key to success in any program?  Massive action.  Abstain from alcohol and take positive action, every single day.  There is no secret beyond this, no magic formula that will make this any easier.  You have to want it, and you have to follow through with real changes.  Period.

Not the answer you wanted to hear, right?  We would all prefer a magic bullet instead……


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