Decades Of Alcoholism – Is There Any Hope Left?

Decades Of Alcoholism – Is There Any Hope Left?


Is it possible to talk about hope after spending years under the cursed spell of alcohol?

Can you even consider kicking the habit once it became a part of who you are?

Is it possible to get rid of something that was so inescapably tied to you that it engulfed every little detail of your life?

Yes, you can.

Even after the harsh reality of your life as an alcoholic can no longer be ignored, even after the rationalizations, endless denials, crumbling of petty excuses, and you are left with the spectacle of your wasted and broken life, you need to know this:

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There is still hope!

Sometimes all you need to do is look in the mirror

Just a month ago, Daily News reported that a homeless war veteran from Grand Rapids, Michigan volunteered to go through a makeover program provided by a local fundraising organization, Degage Ministries. After being arrested more than 80 times for trespassing, public intoxication, and other misdemeanors, 54-year-old Jim Wolf has decided to make some life changes.

With the help of stylist Anna Walt, he undergoes an astonishing physical transformation, a radical appearance change that takes him aback and determines him to make a drastic decision. Once he saw himself in the mirror, Jim Wolf uttered “wow” and decided it’s finally time to turn his life around by attending the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The video of his makeover has received millions of hits in just a few days, while Jim Wolf became a beacon of hope for all those who have been struggling with alcohol for decades.

It takes more than changing your hairstyle

Despite the fact that Degage Ministries provided him with regular hot meals and Wolf is even scheduled to have his own housing, everyone is aware that alcohol addiction and homelessness is a noxious combination that is not dismissed as easily as the video might lead you to believe.

Simply put, his problem is not going to disappear because he got a haircut, a clean shave and wear a necktie. Don’t forget, the makeover took just a couple of hours, while Jim Wolf has been tied down by the bonds of alcoholism for 25 years.

Then again, he took the first step to turn his life around and from this moment on, Wolf will undergo the daunting stages of alcoholic recovery. Luckily, hes not alone as numerous dentists, rehabilitation facilities and doctors have offered their heartwarming assistance. Wolf even received a complete physical examination after being interviewed for a spot in a long-term residential treatment facility.

Road to sobriety has begun

Although the latest news is that he has been caught drinking again after the video was released, Jim Wolf’s road to sobriety has already begun and this implies taking small, but confident steps. As his sister points out, if he manages to get arrested fewer times than last year, it should be interpreted as progress in this context. We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you or one of your loved ones has gotten to the point where fear of living with and without alcohol has thrown your life off its orbit, don’t lose hope. It will be a bumpy ride with a few relapses, but you need to trust yourself, revive your hope in order to reach sobriety, and regain your life. Fighting alcoholism is not just a physical makeover; it takes more of a mental makeover to be triumphant in your fight. And yes, hope is always present and the first step is to get your makeover!

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